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Boyfriend Traits that Girlfriends Hate

Have you ever wondered whether you are an annoying man or a boyfriend? Generally, most men are in tricky relationships. They don’t know what annoys or impresses their girlfriends. However, there are spontaneous things click here that should tell you that you are an annoying boyfriend.

Here are annoying and stubborn boyfriend traits that girlfriends hate:

Getting Drunk During a Date

Most women don’t like having drunk boyfriends for dates. That’s because women want men who understand and protect them. Your girlfriend expects you to take good care of her. Therefore, if you must drink during a date, don’t get to a point where you can’t stand up or drive her back home. Your girlfriend will be scared if you drink yourself silly during a date. No girlfriend likes seeing the man she trust, love and expect to take care of her helpless and unconscious. So, getting drunk during a date is shattering and unacceptable.

Being Rude or Indifferent

There are times when men just frustrate their women. And women don’t like it at all. For instance, if your girlfriend asks you, ‘do you like how I look?’ and you say ‘yea’ without looking at her, she feels frustrated. Regardless of the number of times that your girlfriend asks you this question, look at her and answer it in a loving manner. It’s the only way to show her that you care about her look and this makes her feel good.

Getting Bored About Shopping

A man takes minutes to pick his entire ensemble. However, girlfriends take much longer. And your girlfriend doesn’t expect you to be surprised when she takes hours to do her shopping. Although she won’t invite you to go shopping every time, she expects you to play nice when she does it on rare occasions.

Exchanging Glances or Flirting with Other Women

Your girlfriend won’t care if you flirt or stare at other girls when alone. However, she expects you to respect her when she is around. Avoiding exchanging glances or flirting with other women is a sure way to show her respect. So, don’t stray your eyes on the cleavage of every girl that you meet. Restricting ogling eyes is not easy for most men, even when their girlfriends are around. Nevertheless, try it as much as possible to make your girlfriend feel respected and secure.

Not Listening

If you don’t listen to your girlfriend when she talks to you, she feels like you don’t take her seriously. She might also think that she is incapable of advising you. Even worse, your girlfriend doesn’t like it when you ask her a question and drift away, make up your mind, or look lost without giving what she has told you a thought.

Not Taking Care of Your Girlfriend

When you get ill, you can drag yourself into bed and even lay low till you get better. However, women are different. They want to be shown absolute love and care when ill. So, if your girlfriend gets sick, be nice to her and nurse her with care.

Generally, every boyfriend finds himself in a situation where he annoys his girlfriend. But, how annoying are you? If you know traits that your girlfriend hates, avoiding them becomes easier and this makes your relationship better.

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